We're excited to have the IART Procedure Guide - Knee now available for purchase.

About the Procedure Guide

IART is pleased to announce its recently completed Procedure Guide for the Knee is now available for purchase!

This Procedure Guide is an evidence- and consensus-based set of standardized injection protocols focusing on the treatment of pain due to musculoskeletal pathology in the knee region. This first chapter of the Procedure Guide represents the culmination of more than 8 years of work, with contributions from more than 30 experienced physicians from IART and the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation (HHPF).

The Chapter is available for a member price of $60 U.S. plus shipping and handling and a non-member price of $80 U.S. plus shipping and handling.

This Procedure Guide focuses on the introduction and development of standardized, basic, and foundational injection techniques and protocols for the novice learner. The injection techniques in this manual are considered technically basic and are therefore relatively safe when utilized with appropriate caution and a thorough grasp of the relevant anatomy. The information in the Procedure Guide is designed to supplement and be used in conjunction with hands-on training from courses and workshops.

The Procedure Guide focuses primarily on the palpation of anatomical landmarks for both physical assessment and needle guidance. While tools such as ultrasound will be referenced, all of the injection techniques in this manual can be accomplished safely and effectively without imaging guidance.

The injection techniques and protocols detailed in the Procedure Guide focus on prolotherapy, an injection-based treatment involving the infusion of a proliferant solution to treat chronic musculoskeletal conditions. However, the foundational techniques and protocols detailed in this manual are also utilized in the injection of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and other regenerative injections.

You will find these materials useful in your ongoing study of prolotherapy regenerative injection techniques and enable you to provide better and more satisfying care to your patients.

In the future, efforts will continue to refine our teaching protocols and approach to patient care. We invite you to share in that process by providing feedback and joining IART and HHPF in teaching and service.

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